About FinTech Network


FinTech Network have been providing business intelligence and bespoke events to the global digital finance industry since 2016. In the last 4 years, we have built up a highly qualified, clean, opt in only database of 30,677 banking, finance, professional services and technology contacts.

We have a wide reach and proven network of syndicated marketing partners, giving us a direct line of communication to a huge, qualified audience in the digital finance space.

We have an experienced team of researchers and producers who have been mapping the trends shaping financial services in Europe, the U.S., Middle East and Asia across key themes such as regulation, open banking, digital banking, innovation, artificial intelligence, customer experience and distributed ledger technologies. Through our physical conferences, we have built relationships with the most influential stakeholders and subject matter experts in digital finance who we can call on to create bespoke meetings, pitches and demonstrations.


FinTech Network's Reach

FinTech Network are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your marketing and branding objectives - through our qualified, opt in database, our social media presence, through proven syndicated partners or in person, utising our extensive network of subject matter experts and decision makers.

As a trusted partner to global technology providers, professional services firms or influential fintech players, we have the reach to support your marketing goals.